GST Policy

As of latest notice by Customs Malaysia , HT Internet Sdn Bhd GST commencing GST charging date will be 1/June/2016. therefore we will be updating all our invoices to includes 6% GST

*** HT Internet Sdn Bhd are now a GST Registered Company with GST No 001052717056.  Orders will includes 6% GST ***

The Management of HT Internet Solutions
last update 17/June/2016


As part of on going expansion and management effort, all invoice paid after 1/June will be billed under HT Internet Sdn Bhd (Non GST)
as the Company is applying for GST transition from HT Internet Solutions , we will not be charging GST until further notice

The Management of HT Internet Solutions
last update 31/May/2016

(old updates)

As part of the GST Compliant procedure , we will be starting to charge GST for Malaysian Customer starting 1st May 2016

As Malaysia Busineses started charging GST on Goods and services effective 1st April 2015,  We have not been charging GST on all our previous invoice until 1st May 2016
all price listed on our website are GST Excluded . GST will then be calculated during checkout if chosen country is Malaysia

We thank all our valued customer for supporting us so far and we passionate about keeping our business lean and mean to ensure all prices are competitive ! and valued to our customer 

The Management of HT Internet Solutions
last update 12/April/2016

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