iphone / IOS Email setup

First , assuming you have been using your email and you have get hold of all your account username/password , port settings and etc (get in touch of your server administrator/hosting provider if you don't)

Part A - Setting your account into IOS devices

  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendars > Select "Add Accounts" 
  2. Select "Other" 
  3. Select Add Mail Account
  4. Enter the following as per screen

    Name : Anything / Your Name
    Email : test@mamakcafe.com  (our test email account) Enter your actual email here
    Password : Your email password
    Description : anything for your own reference
  5. Next Screen , select "IMAP"
    Complete the following balnk values

    Incoming Mail server
    Host Name : mamakcafe.com   
    (your host name / domain name or email host gave by your providers)
    Username :  Your email address in FULL !! our case test@mamakcafe.com
    Password : Your email password

    Outgoing Mail Server 
    Host Name

    (your host name / domain name or email host gave by your providers)


    Password :
    Your email password

  6. Sometimes, it may show you "We cannot verify server identity" 
    Please select Continue

  7. >> The Verifying screen will appears after you Save, wait 5-15 minutes , as there are SSL negotiation at the back . 
    If it prompt "Cannot Connect SSL" , try setting up without SSL " 
    Select NO

  8. Click "SAVE" to complete account savings
PART B - Fixing SMTP / Outgoing Email / Email Sending Issues 
  1. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendars 

  2. At "Accounts"  > Select the account you recently Added
    our case "mamakcafe"

  3. You will see "IMAP" > Account " Your Email address"  . Click it

  4. Next Screen is your account information  , go to
    >Outgoing Mail Server > SMTP  - Mamakcafe.com  (this should be your domain)

  5. Under "Primary Server " , mamakcafe.com    on>  , click it   (under your domain)

  6. You will see partially of the setting you set just now plus some additional settings
    Keep Host Name , User Name , Password  --> No change

    Use SSL
     -->  Select ON

    --> Password

    Server port
     --> 465  (this is the most important steps)

  7. Click Done
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