New International Domains (special domain) is glad to inform that we are opening registration for the following domains 
These Domain offer more availability of Name and More insights to your business

Special International Domain
.bike .clothing .guru .holdings .plumbing .singles .ventures .camera .equipment .estate .gallery .graphics 
.lighting .photography 
.construction .contractors .directory .kitchen .land .technology .today .diamonds 
.enterprises .tips .voyage .careers .photos .recipes .shoes .cab .company .domains .limo .academy 
.center .computer .management .systems .builders .email .solutions .support .training .camp .education 
.glass .institute .repair .coffee .florist .house .international .solar .sexy .tattoo .link .guitars .gift .pics .photo 
.christmas .blackfriday

Special notice if ordering an International domain
the New Registrar below may reserved some domain and consider as "PREMIUM" Domain. Our Domain Search will only return if a domain if available or not.
the Primary search is not reviewing if the domain is consider "reserved" or "premium" domain

The upfront low price will not be applicable if this is listed as "Reserve" or "Premium" status,
You can contact support via if you want to verify if your domain if entitle for special price (NOT Premium reserved Domain)

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