.MY (Malaysia)Domain- Updating Name Servers (DNS)

We do provide Free updating service request by sending email to support [at] ht2u.net or visit http://domainplus.com.my/support

However, for customer who want to be in control of their DNS settings , please refer below

Part A - updating youself with the rights to manage technical updates 
Pre-requisite, find out if you are the "Technical Contact " at http://whois.domainregistry.my

f not , follow 1-6

1) go to MYNIC.MY / Manage Domain / Login to Username/Password (provided to you by MYNIC.MY during domain registration) .

2) Go to Domain Name , Modify Domain
3) Just Click Search without entering any items (all field blank)
4) select your domain and click modify
5) Select appoint new technical contact , input "Administrative contact code "in existing contact
6) click modify

** if your existing technical contact are domainplus. changing above means that we no longer able to help you updating the DNS Name Server
if you need our help to update name server , ensure input "CKEY0000223723 " as the technical contact code

7) when done  visit this link to learn how to register your mobile number to MYNIC.MY as technical contact . otherwise you can't make changes to nameserver

for video tutorial
please review



Part B - updating DNS server
repeat from step 2
2) Go to Domain Name , Modify Domain
3) use search domain , enter "yourdomain"  in domain name 
select Organisation  or Personal and tick the relavent .com.my / .my domain types
4) select your domain and click modify
5) select Modify Name Servers
6) select "Add/Remove/Change Name Server"   >> this is important

You may need to wait from several second to 20 second before this section fully loaded and 

remember --> DO  NOT Selecting Change Name Server IP

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