Brute Force Wordpress Login Attack

Currently most server worldwide is experiencing high number of Brute Force attack. These attack currently targeting /wp-login.php  with extremely high number of failed login attempts .Our Servers are currently hosting a high number of Wordpress sites are also experiencing high number of hits as a result  of these attack resulting server ... Read More »

12th Apr 2013
Schedule downtime @ LA Server Node 9/Oct/2012 2-5AM

PLANNED NETWORK MAINTENANCE Location: Los Angeles, CA - LAX13 Date: October 8, 2012 Start Time: 12:01PM PST End Time: 3:00PM PST Malaysia time - 9/Oct/2012 Start time : 2.01AM GST+8End Time 5.00AM GST+8 Description: Upgrades will be performed on the distribution router serving the LAX13 server zone. As part of the upgrade, there ... Read More »

7th Oct 2012