04/28/2016 20:46 EST - Node was ebooted, and is now doing fsck.  There is no ETA. 
04/28/2016 22:21 EST - It is still in Pass 1D stage out of Pass 5, seems it needs more time for fsck. We will need your patient and understandings.
04/29/2016 03:58 EST - It is still very slow in Pass 1D stage. We will not stop the fsck or it would damage data, appreciate your patient
1/May/2016 - we have created cpanels account which we will be sending logins soon. talk to support if you facing problems . 

4/May/2015 as of latest via confirmations
- the server raid system / hardware are 100% stable condition
- fsck are os/file level corruption checking tools , as of now , it is still running and server owner are not giving up on recovery
- the fsck cannot be interrupted even as of now to avoid further damage to the file system . we will continue to check for updates 
for a more public update about this incident
 update 05/May/2016
the node fsck check were completed and seems like we are successfully recovered the nodes

but since everyone were transferred to a new server . we will making careful arrangement to rsync back the files

Friday, April 29, 2016

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